A <3 felt thank you to all 2019 participants!

A big heartfelt (<3) thank you to all those who participated in this year’s IKC Balancathon, creating a wave of heart energy that circled the planet. We will have event photos and videos on the website and social media as soon as we can get them uploaded.

So stay in TOUCH!

The IKC Balancathon committee (Toni, Sandy, Helena, Thomas, Lez and Robin)

16 cities participated in China and got the wave rolling!
IKC Balancathon 2019 The UK Balancathon Hangout
IKC Balancathon 2019 from Jianping, China
IKC Balancathon 2019 Malaysia
IKC Balancathon 2019 Landu
French-speaking Switzerland
IKC Balancathon 2019 sommieres I
France, part I
IKC Balancathon 2019 sommieres II
France, part II
Balancathon Puerto Rico 2019 Live
Puerto Rico
Costa Rica 1
Costa Rica 2
Touch for Health Mumbai Balancathon September 2019
Mumbai, India

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