IKC – International Kinesiology College

Part of the IKC at the International Conference in Germany, 2017

Who we are

We are a not for profit company, based in Australia, with faculty throughout the world. We provide certified training in Touch for Health in over 60 countries. Our international database features hundreds of registered instructors who teach the Touch for Health Synthesis, the original kinesiology system for non professionals. Touch for Health is now the basis for many practitioners’ programmes worldwide.

Mission Statements

The International Kinesiology College is an international college without walls which raises awareness, maintains standards, develops and supports Touch for Health ® (TFH) and other kinesiology programmes in the educational, self-responsibility model at community and professional levels, with particular emphasis on the values of TFH.

The Values of TFH noted by the 2012 IKC Membership are: kindness, helpfulness, efficacy and simplicity.

What we do

  • Disseminate Touch for Health Synthesis worldwide
  • Certify Touch for Health instructors and students worldwide
  • Support the growth of kinesiology based on the Touch for Health self responsibility and educational model.
  • Recognize kinesiology courses and practitioner programmes worldwide.