Mark your calendars – on your marks, get set, go!

The next annual Balancathon is scheduled for Saturday, September 26th in each time zone. Join us by sending in videos with neurolymphatic balancing, using the front points (CV, GV and then the 12 meridians starting with Stomach and following the wheel).

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Welcome to the International Kinesiology College Balancathon

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Bienvenue au Balancathon du Collège International de Kinésiologie

आपका स्वागत है इंटरमीडिएट काइन्सियोलॉजी कॉलेज बालनकथन में

Selamat datang di Balancathon International Kinesiology College

Selamat datang ke International Kinesiology College Balancathon

Bem-vidos ao Colégio Internacional de Kenesiologia Balancathon

Добро пожаловать на Баланс-марафон Международного колледжа кинезиологии!

Bienvenido al Balancathon del International Kinesiology College 

Fáilte chuig an gColáiste Idirnáisiúnta Kinesiology Balancathon

Welcome to the Earth Balancathon Blog

IKC Earth Balancathon is circling the planet!

As we speak, people around the globe have, are or will be contributing to the wave of Heart energy that is being sent to all areas of the planet faced with challenges. Many thanks to all those who have already participated. And have a great time, for those who have as yet to “feel the wave”. Pictures and videos are on the Balancathon photo and video page, as well as our Facebook page and our YouTube channel. Enjoy!

All EARTH BALANCATHON events are free- A donation to TFH Charity would be appreciated.

How to donate
Colour balance for the EARTH BALANCATHON <3
Here’s how to do it.

Hi, everyone! Welcome to the EARTH BALANCATHON Blog.

Over the last months, many places on our planet have been faced with difficult times – from the fires in Australia, flooding on many different continents, earthquakes in Puerto Rico, to the new virus in China … so many disrupting events have been happening.

March 23rd 2020, 11am to 1pm – Let’s create a Mexican Wave of healing Heart Meridian Energy that will travel around the planet, time zone by time zone, balancing the 5 Elements, the Earth and all living beings on it. This is a way that we can all contribute to helping those zones in need, whether they be faced with geological, meteorological or cheminal challenges.

Balance yourself, family, friends, clients, students, even plants and animals! Use the Touch for Health Colour Balance. If you aren’t familiar with it, you can use the Time of Day Balance or the 14 Muscle Dance that you can see on our YouTube Channel.

The Earth needs us! Mark your calendar – March 23rd, 11 am to 1 pm. Let’s get together and balance the world, heart to heart .

IKC Balancathon event

Hello Touch for Healthers Everywhere!

The IKC Balancathon is an annual event aimed at balancing the planet and all living beings on it. It takes places on the last Saturday in September, from 11 am to 1 pm.

Join the worldwide Mexican wave of Heart energy that will circle the planet, starting at 11 am in NZ and moving to each time zone as Heart time moves around the globe. The more people joining the wave, the stronger and the more balancing its energy will be.

At 11 am your time, you can help raise the World’s Heart energy by:

  • Sending in a video of Touch for Health self-balancing before the event, so that we can share what you are doing with the world via social media and our website.  Please film with horizontal view and send via to Lez at email address,
  • Organize an open house -- Invite friends, family and neighbours, to join you at home for a muscle dance/meridian massage/ Heart time of day and a heart- coffee
  • Give a conference, larger gathering or public event with lots of Heart balancing fun and games
  • Offer one-on-one balancing –  arrange to Heart- balance another person  – or give yourself a Heart-balance to contribute to the wave
  • Send us pictures or an article afterwards, so that we can put together a Balancathon album.

Need ideas? Take a look at last year’s Balancathon activities at our YouTube channel

The Balancathon Committee (Helena,  Lez, Robin, Sandy, Thomas, and Toni)

Balancathon fun facts

Well, we balanced the world, heart to heart on September 29th.

14 muscle dances from around the world

Here are some fun facts about the event. More to come later

27 countries participated in the event

27 time zones

  • 10 time zones had local events
  • 7 time zones were covered by HQ

6 continents (Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America)

60+ countries use Touch for Health

31 muscle dance videos

41 live streaming videos (for the moment)

1 song

1 logo

77 contact people throughout the world

6 committee members

1 planet